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The Ink Shop Repair Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Computers

Experience + Training = Reliable Service

When you bring your computer or tablet to The Ink Shop, you get the benefit of dealing with experienced service professionals who will assist you with the highest standard in customer service and support.

Over 30 years Experience in IT

Our technicians are ready to bring you the very best service possible to assist in keeping your office equipment regularly serviced as essential for reliable performance and less expensive office overheads.

We understand how important your work is to you, therefore we also take great care with any data files that are on your computer, always intent on backing up all data and restoring after our repairs. Your data may be damaged or even lost if affected by viruses or hardware failure.

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Here is are few things you can and should do to help protect your computer:-

1. Use a firewall - A firewall can allow you to access your email and internet, but can stop unwanted intrusions into your computer

2. Have adequate anti-virus software - and keep it updated as new viruses are being released every day

3. Scan for spyware and malware - Some of the worst offenders are spyware that hijack normal functions for themselves. For example, some may redirect your web searches to other sites to try and sell you something. A complete anti-virus suite will also scan for malware and spyware

4. Educate yourself - All the protection available cannot replace some well-placed caution. Do not open attachments if you are not 100% positive they are OK. Do not fall for phishing scams. Be sceptical. Do not click on links in emails unless you are positive they are safe. Do not install "free" software without checking it out first - many "free" packages are so because they come loaded with spyware, adware, and worse. Not sure about a security warning that you've been given?

Do Not Ignore It!

Do not wait until its too late. A regular check-up can save small problems turning into expensive repairs.

You need to be getting the most out of your computer, and a few simple checks will help you to keep safe.

The Ink Shop offers prompt, reliable and economical repairs and upgrades to your computer equipment - At your place or ours

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